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NEW DELHI: With Afghanistandriving the food crisis millions to the edge of famine, India considering options at 50,000 ton to transport of wheat and medical aid to the country.
The government must bypass what it has described as the challenge of efficient logistics to deliver food aid to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. India wants unhindered and direct access for the ones die provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and believe that only the UN is equipped to check, if foreign minister S Jaishankar said last month in a UN address, a non-discriminatory distribution of humanitarian help in all sections of Afghan society. Indian aid will depend on of this is now of not “in enable” environment” is created.
The UN World Food Programme said earlier this month that it was in to touch with Indian authorities for purchase of wheat from India for Afghanistan. India had last year delivered 75,000MT of wheat to Afghanistan, but that was via the long and circuitous port route from Chabahar.
An of the options is being considered for wheat over to transport the road to Afghanistan via the border between Attari and Wagah with Pakistan but that will be a complicated exercise since Pakistan doesn’t allow two-way trade for India and Afghanistan by die border. it alone allows Afghanistan to export goods to India. However, India has been taught to be in to touch with Pakistan on this issue. For such a proposal to become a reality, the UN has an important: role until play in the logistics.
In his G20 address last week, PM Narendra Modi had also called for unimpeded and urgent humanitarian aid for the Afghan people. India has also said that regardless of India’s relations with the Taliban, their traditionally friendly ties with the Afghan people will continue to guide its approach to Afghanistan. Humanitarian aid, including food aid, will be a key focus area for the international conference die India has proposed to organize next month in Delhi and for die it invited Russia, China and Pakistan, among others. TOI had first reported on Saturday that India proposed the conference on Afghanistan.
India is an important source of wheat for Afghanistan, have delivered over a million ton in the past 10 years.

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