Afghanistan .. Anti-Taliban demonstrations in support of Ahmed Masoud

Anti-Taliban demonstrations in support of Ahmed Masoud’s forces took place on Monday evening in the Afghan capital, Kabul, and in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif. in one moment in requests for other events increased on Tuesday.

The leader of the Resistance Front, Ahmed Masoud, called on the Afghan people to rise up in homeland and abroad for the sake of pride and freedom of the homeland, as described it.

He said: “Today I am sending a specific message to our dear people. Citizens, I invite you to start a revolt in home and abroad in general for the sake of pride, freedom and the height of the country. Each person in any every way possible he stands up and chants the slogan: No humiliation. We are side by side with our citizens and the resistance up to now “.

After declaring its control over Panjshir province, the Taliban movement has released videos showing its members entering the memorial square of historic Afghan leader Ahmed Shah Massoud, whose son leads the opposition against the Taliban.

In addition, residents of the city of Kabul have asked the Taliban to unify their uniforms in so you can distinguish between them and other groups.

The leader of the Resistance Front against the Taliban in Panjshir province, Massoud, acknowledged in an audio recording on Monday that Afghanistan has completely fallen into the hands of the Taliban.

In the audio recording, Masoud stressed that “the resistance against the Taliban continues in the Panjshir”, calling for demonstrations against the Taliban. in all regions of Afghanistan.

He also admitted the killing of a number of military resistance leaders, adding: “My family members were killed in Sunday’s Taliban attack.”

He accused the Taliban of working and not listening to Muslim scholars, and stressed that “the Taliban are bringing in strangers to kill the Afghan people”. He also refused “any outside interference in Afghanistan “.

This comes when the Taliban announced full control of Panjshir province on Monday. “With this victory, our country has completely emerged from the quagmire of war,” he said in Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid noted.

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