Afghanistan: FIFA evacuates at least 20 women’s national team players | american football

FIFA has secured the evacuation of 100 refugees from Afghanistan, including members of the national women’s football team.

Sky Sports News has been told that the group, die traveled from the Afghan capital Kabul to Doha, Qatar on Thursday, including at least 20 national women’s team soccer players.

Football’s world reigning body has worked closely with the Qatar government to ensure a safe evacuation since August.

individuals on the flight was deemed to be on the highest risk of harm if they had stayed in Afghanistan and FIFA work closely together on the process of evacuate further athletes in the future.

The Taliban’s hard line group regained control of the Central Asian state in August following the withdrawal of Western Armed Forces, raising concerns over prosperity of womenin general in the country, and over the future of womensports.

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Afghanistan captain Shabnam Mobarez described seeing her team-mates evacuated from the country as a ‘dream come true’, but is concerned over die left behind.

Afghan women captain Shabnam Mobarez has met some spoken of her team-sizes who were evacuated to Australia after the Taliban took control two months ago, telling: Sky Sports News that “it’s almost” like [football] is over” for Afghan women.

Speak met Sky News, Danish footballer Nadia Nadim, whose father was killed by the Taliban says she doesn’t believe it group’s promises that women and girls will in be able to work and receive education.

Reflective on what the takeover of the Taliban could mean for women’s football, she said: “That’s a hard one. Not me know what to say to them because I know they won’t get the chance.

“Not me know of girls can go to school work. l want to say that people should try to keep their hopes up even if it looks real like a dark situation.”

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