Afghanistan: More than 100 Taliban attacks in 24 hours

Officials announced this on Wednesday Taliban elements They took over die Control of a neighborhood in northern Afghanistan and forced die Government troops, yourself in of late in die To withdraw provincial capital.

The Afghan government says it has in More than 100 Taliban attacks on security forces and other government facilities in the last 24 hours in 26 of the 34 provinces in the country are listed.

It is noteworthy that die Fights in have escalated sharply in the last few weeks. Afghan officials said die Taliban have intensified their attacks since Washington announced last month that it would withdraw all of its armed forces from the country by September 11.

A fight that lasted for hours

Baghlan District Police spokesman Javed Bisharat said so in turn Taliban elements They took over die Control of the Barka district after hours of fighting with government troops, die yourself in die Capital withdrew, adding that die Taliban suffered heavy losses in the fighting.

However, a senior security official, who refused to be named, said at least 10 security guards were killed and 16 other Taliban were captured.

It is noteworthy that the area took place a day after the Afghan forces responded to a major attack die southern province of Helmand has fallen.

Dead and injured

In addition, local officials said Tuesday that die Taliban set up a small security post on a highway in Baghlan stormed, killing nine soldiers and wounding others.

For his part, a spokesman for Kabul police chief Firdaus Varamarz said one person was killed and three injured by a roadside bomb while a medical officer’s car drove by outside the city.

Officials confirmed that another car bomb hit a local police commander on Tuesday in the province of Paktika in the southeast of the country.

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