Afghanistan: Refugee turned sports superstar Nadia Nadim on her fears for

Danish footballer Nadia Nadim, whose father was executed by the Taliban, says she doesn’t believe it group’s promises to women and girls.

nadim, who fled Afghanistan as a child and lived in a refugee camp in Denmark, told Sky News it was disturbing to watch her fatherThe killers return to power.

“It’s heartbreaking to see what’s happening in Afghanistan now. Just because I felt we were over that stage, that was back in history and it wouldn’t repeat itself,” she said.

“L know what kind of rules they bring in and I know what that means for the future of the country, what does that mean? for the development of the country, what it means for the women, and the girls. I think that’s a real step back. I feel very upset and sad for the people who live in the country.”

the 33-year-old, who playing now for Racing Louisville, was born in Herat, the third largest in Afghanistan city. When she was 11, the Taliban killed her father. It took the family year to learn truth, during which time they on to the faith that he can come home.

Nadim’s mother then fled the country with her five daughters – first by Pakistan with forged passports, before arrival in Denmark, where Nadia developed her love for football.

“My memories are divided in two parts. I have very good memories before the war of the country, of our life, the vault environment. I had my father and mother. And then I have the second part, that’s the war, and after my father was killed.

“Those memories are not fun memories, a lot” of chaos, a lot of just horror. In the end things were made all hard for us like a family to function and see future of feel safe.”

Playing her way by top division club, in 2009 Nadim was selected for the national team but only after the Danish Football Association (DBU) challenged FIFA rules on suitability.

She has scored 38 goals in 98 performances for Denmark, and last season helped French giants Paris Saint Germain lift the Ligue 1 trophy.

Undoubtedly an inspiration to thousands of Afghan girls, Nadim is lost for words to the question what the future can keep for women’s football in Afghanistan.

“That’s a hard one. Not me know what to say to them because I know they won’t get the chance. Not me know of girls can go to school work. l want to say that people should try to keep their hopes up even if it looks real like a dark situation.”

Days after ingestion power, the Taliban promised that women in Afghanistan would have the right to work and be educated. But Nadim says she doesn’t believe it group has changed.

“I don’t think so. I think it’s the wolves die have now disguised themselves as sheep and their true colors come through. I don’t think their core values ​​have that changed and their core values ​​were the reason me and my family left the country.

“I feel sad that politics is currently almost larger than human lives. We don’t really think about the people who Suffering. My father was killed by the Taliban, so I… know what they stand for for and what their values ​​are.

“When you see what’s happening in airports and people try to hang up on planes and traps out of vent, no one would respond that way if you weren’t afraid.”

Last month, Nadim announced fundraisers with Racing Louisville FC for girls and women in Afghanistan, where $40,000 (£29,000) was donated to UN Women and local resettlement organizations. They says she hopes so help heal some of the pain die Afghanistan has gone through.

“I feel really powerless right now because I don’t know what can I do. What I’ve done is try to create awareness of the situation. And also try some money in to collect money with United Nations, Racing Louisville – my club – and then the Women’s Cup die was held here in Louisville.

“I love that people try here help and the money goes to people who need it, especially women.”

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