Afghanistan reveals its hunting tourism revenues

According to the Afghan news agency Bakhtar, citing a source in the Afghan Ministry of Information, the issuance of licenses to foreigners to hunt bird species in the country has generated $42 million in government revenue.

The agency indicated that bustards arriving from southern Siberia are hunted in the provinces of Herat, Farah, Nimroz and Helmand in Afghanistan.

The source confirmed that foreign visitors are hunting in accordance with the rules set by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Environmental Protection, stressing that the contract is terminated in case of violations, especially regarding the number of bustards.

The official said about 75 percent of the $42 million in revenue goes to the governorates and the rest goes to the central treasury.

Before that, The Independent newspaper reported that Afghanistan invites wealthy people from Qatar to falconry, which brings additional income to Afghanistan.

According to the newspaper, bustard hunts are held between January and February of each year, and it is indicated that the cost of hunting is crazy money.

According to the newspaper, hunting trips in Afghanistan existed under the republic and continued during the era of the Taliban.

Source: Sputnik Afghanistan