Afghanistan: Taliban capture a major dam while die Fights escalate

The extremist Taliban movement took over die Control of the second largest dam in Afghanistan after months of heavy fighting in their former fortress in of Kandahar Province, officials said and die insurgent movement on Thursday with.

Local officials told AFP that the Dahla Dam, the die Farmers are supplied with irrigation water via a network of canals and die Provincial capital supplied with drinking water, is now under the control of the Taliban.

Taliban spokesman Qari Youssef told the agency: “We have the Dahleh Dam in Arghandab conquered. “

Haji Ghalbeddin, governor of the neighboring region, confirmed that the dam is “under the control” of the rebel movement. “Our security forces (…) have requested reinforcements, but they could not get them,” he said.

The Taliban control the dam after fighting in the neighboring province of Helmand in this week, just days after the US military officially began withdrawing its remaining forces in the country.

Turyalai Mahboubi, head of the water department in Kandahar said die The Taliban recently warned employees of the Dahleh Dam not to go to work.

An AFP correspondent in Kandahar said that armed men blew up a bridge last month, die connected the dam with the surrounding districts.

The United States is planning the Dahleh Dam fast Built 70 years to the land of about seven provinces in Providing irrigation water to Kandahar.
In 2019 it was declared die Asian Development Bank ready to grant Afghanistan a grant in Grant an amount of $ 350 million, part of which will be used for expansion projects for the dam.

There were in the area in Fierce battles over the past six months, but in April security officials announced that the area had been evacuated. Officials at the time stated that die Taliban mines before their withdrawal in throughout the region, including between residential areas.

In neighboring Helmand, thousands of people fled their homes after a large-scale Taliban offensive against government troops.
Support US fighter jets die Afghan Armed Forces in of the air, although their retreat has begun.

The United States was supposed to have withdrawn all forces on May 1st under its deal with the Taliban last year, but Washington postponed that move to September 11th, which die Insurgent angry.

The withdrawal of foreign forces comes amid deadlocked efforts to reach a peace agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

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