Africa Cup: another painful blow to Tunisia, with 6 players infected by the “Covid-19” virus.

Tunisia: The Tunisian Football Association (Al-Ittihad) announced on Friday that the results of the test of 6 national team players have been infected with the “Covid-19” virus, which is another blow to their hopes in the African Nations Cup after the “strange” 0-1 defeat to Mali in the first round. The university stated in a statement: “I test conducted this morning showed that Naim Al-Saliti, Yuan Tozgar, Osama Al-Hadadi, Muhammad Dragher, Dylan Brun and Issam Al-Jabali were infected with the Corona virus. “The players were put in isolation and will miss Sunday’s match against Mauritania in the second round of Group F competitions. The news came two days after a controversial defeat to Mali in which Zambian referee Jani Zikazui whistled twice before the end of his regular time. Mali was in 1-0 lead when Sikazwe announced the end of the match after 85 minutes, and then again at 89:42, knowing that 3 minutes of overtime would be added. This ending angered the Tunisian coaching staff and the players, and coach Munther Al-Kabeer approached the referee, pointing to his watch and telling him that the time was not up yet, but in vain, before the referee staff came out. with a safety escort. A few minutes after the players entered the dressing room, one of the main assistant referees returned and the two teams were recalled in field to complete the confrontation, and while the Malian players returned, their counterparts on the Tunisian team were gone. Tunisia filed a protest with the Confederation of African Football, which he rejected questlast and approved the victory of Mali. The head of the Arbitration Committee of the Egyptian African Confederation, Essam Abdel-Fattah, defended Sikazwe in statements reported by media Egyptians, in to which he stated that “the Zambian referee was suffering from a very violent sunstroke and severe drought, and from the 80 minute he completely lost concentration when the recovery time was calculated, and then continued for the 85 minute. He was advised by his colleagues to complete the match before the whistle blows in the 89th minute. “(AFP)