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Africa Cup of Nations. Feghouli: Our goal in the Algerian national team is to keep the title


Istanbul: the champion in charge of Algeria, Sofiane Feghouli, confirms that her country, which begins its campaign against Sierra Leone in Douala on Tuesday, “wants to keep its title” in the African Cup of Nations, to be held in Cameroon until February 6, he told AFP. Q: What memories do you have of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations? A: Winning in Egypt, the country of football, in a 24-team competition, it’s extraordinary. It was historical. What makes me particularly happy is that after this victory we have continued to collect results and the Algerian team has achieved a series of 33 games without defeat (the basket has risen to 34 games), this shows continuity and seriousness “. Q: Is Algeria the favorite for the title? A: “We are the luckiest, but we will not be safe from surprises, we have to take the games one by one, analyze them and, once in field, do our best. We don’t want to hide our desire, we want to keep the title. This is the highest level we offer that will last for years. Today we are the team everyone is trying to beat and we will try to continue like this. The goal is to win again in Cameroon “. Q: You will be under pressure to keep the title . A:” The pressure is always there, but we will try not to be complacent. We are fortunate to have an exceptional manager in national team, which has the ability to express, knows how to compete and how to give everyone a chance. We have a group that wants to move forward and does not give up. The biggest clue is the undefeated match streak. It demonstrates not only the work and talent, but also the effort of this team. “Q: How would you describe coach Jamal Belmadi? A:” Currently it is rare to find honest people and for me this is an advantage. Personally I have always been in front line in my career and I rarely know a coach like that, who goes straight to the point and says so it is. He gave a chance to all players, no one can complain about not playing, and from the moment in you play, it’s up to you to decide your place. From there eleven players gradually emerged and those who did not attack gradually left the group and the team continued to do well. The coach gets the results he wants and the team and the people appreciate it too. “Q: How does the group work and more than half of the Algerian national team play abroad? A:” The group only meets for two weeks, not we have time to work on the whole mechanism, but the staff puts the players in the best conditions and we have talented players, so it gets easier. It brings together the staff, the players and the coach in great harmony and harmony. We also have the experience of the African Cup, which is a great experience to count on. We always ask ourselves, humbly, and try to do better ”. Q: What makes the difference? A: “It is only the work we do that reassures us, the level of exercise is very high and gives us results. As long as we have this quality of work, we can expect great goals. “Q: What does it mean to play for Algeria? A: The Algerian national team has a very special relationship with the people for via of its history. When coach Belmadi arrived, he made it clear that the national team was above everything and insisted on reaching the top. For me, the love for the shirt means that perhaps, unlike other teams, we feel more inclined to fight “. (AFP)


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