After 20 million injuries calls die opposition in India a complete closure

The leader of the Indian opposition, Rahul Gandhi, has called for general isolation and closure since die Total number of coronavirus infections in the country today, Tuesday, die Passed the 20 million mark. This made India the second country after the USA to cross this painful threshold.

In addition, during this second fatal wave, India recorded in the die The number of infections is increasing the fastest worldwide, ten million new cases in a little over four months, while there were 10 million initial infections over a ten-year period.

The Indian Ministry of Health data showed that in 357,229 new cases were registered during the last twenty-four hours die The death toll rose to 3,449 and reached 222,408.

Real numbers are many times higher than stated

And preventive medicine experts say that die actual numbers in India could be five to ten times higher than die official toll.

Gandhi, a MP for the Congress Party, said on Twitter: “The only way die Stopping the spread of coronavirus is to shut it down completely … The Indian government’s failure to act is killing many innocent people. “

Economic concerns

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is reluctant to impose a general lockdown and lockdown fearing the economic repercussions, but some states have imposed their own social restrictions.

The rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in India is associated with a sharp decline in vaccination operations due to delivery and delivery problems.

The country has only managed to vaccinate 9.5 percent of its 1.35 billion people with at least one dose of vaccine.

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