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After 49 years of conflict, the whiskey war between Canada and Denmark ends


Canada and Denmark concluded their 10-year “war” for sovereignty over the desert and the uninhabited island of Hans in the Arctic on Tuesday.

The two countries formally signed an agreement to share Hans’s Island off northwestern Greenland, creating the first land border between Canada and Europe, during a ceremony in Ottawa in the presence of Canadian and Danish foreign ministers.

49 years of conflict

Under the agreement reached after 49 years of feud, the island will be divided in two, while the agreement between Ottawa and Copenhagen was hailed as a model for the resolution of regional conflicts in Worldwide.

“The Arctic is a beacon of international cooperation in where the rule of law prevails, “Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie told AFP.

“With global security threatened, there was more need than ever for democracies like Canada and Denmark to work together, side by side with indigenous peoples, to resolve our differences. in compliance with international law, “he added.

whiskey war

During a joint press conference with Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod, he said the conflict “which many have called the ‘whiskey war’ was the friendliest of wars”.

Kofud said that the resolution of the conflict comes in one moment in to whom “the law-based international order is under pressure” e in which “democratic values ​​are under attack”, referring to war in Ukraine.

Inspirational solution

“In return, we have shown how long-standing conflicts can be resolved peacefully,” he said, adding that he hopes “to inspire other countries to follow the same path.”

Interestingly, Hans Island, which covers a ‘area of 1.3 square kilometers, it is located between the island of Ellesmere in northern Canada and Greenland, the Danish region. The dispute on the island dates back to 1973, when a maritime border was drawn between the two countries.

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