After 5 Years Fortnite Finally Adds A Tutorial

Epic Games released the first version of Fortnite five years ago, which might seem like a long time. So, it was about time that the PC and console versions of the game got a tutorial map. So, new players, rejoice! It would be best if you finally got a chance to learn how to play Fortnite before the kids who have been playing it since the beginning kill you all. The PC tutorial was added quietly on October 31, and it was made available on other consoles the next day.

The tutorial mode seems pretty simple, and it shows new players how to do things like “move,” “jump,” “crouch,” and “break items.” It also gives you a little breathing room so you can shoot at targets without getting attacked by people. The most important thing it does is teach you how to build something, which has always been a mystery to me in Fortnite. I’m into it. This tutorial mode makes Fortnite seem more approachable and less like a chaotic mess where Sasuke Uchiha could shoot you in the head at any time. Go to the “From Epic” part of the “Discovery” screen to get to the tutorial mode.

Fans of Fortnite who have been playing for a while know that this tutorial used to be available on the game’s mobile version. It’s possible that the developers didn’t think that “hardcore” console and PC players needed a tutorial because they already knew how to play. Try telling that to players who started playing Fortnite before there were tutorials.