After a dispute with the police, a right-wing extremist rally took place in Jerusalem canceled

After calling on the extreme right of Israel, a march on Thursday in Starting Jerusalem confirmed die Organizers die Cancellation after a dispute with the Israeli police in the process.

A spokesman for the movement “Im Tirtzu”, one of the organizers of the march, told the AFP news agency, the “flag march”, the Arab quarter in the old town was supposed to have been canceled.

Announced on May 10th die israeli police die Cancellation of the “flag march” for Israel’s declaration on the unification of Jerusalem after its annexation in 1967 after it in East Jerusalem over to confrontations with the Palestinians die Displacement of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in favor of the settlement associations.

The march, which is attended by thousands, usually reaches East Jerusalem and goes along and within the walls of the Old City, particularly inside the Islamic Quarter, what die Palestinians upset.

Fatah calls for mass rallies

Yesterday called die Fatah movement to publicly mobilize and start protest marches next Thursday in defense of Jerusalem and confrontation with the extremist settlers.

The Central Committee of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement “Fatah” called on its cadres to stand together to defend Jerusalem and to face the march of the extremist settlers.

After a dispute with the police, a right-wing extremist rally took place in Jerusalem canceled

Israeli settlers seize Palestinian family home in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

It did too die Israeli government fully responsible for die explosive situation in Jerusalem and the entire Palestinian Territories and demanded die international community to intervene quickly die Stop hysteria from Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli extreme right.

It is noteworthy that the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood has been around since fast has witnessed daily protests for two months against the threat of evicting Palestinian families from their homes, and die Protests spread to various parts of Jerusalem, in particular in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the month of Ramadan.

The case also led to a bloody escalation with the Gaza Strip, die Lasted 11 days, killed 260 Palestinians, including 66 children, and wreaked havoc in the Gaza Strip.

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