After a few days .. Warning, “WhatsApp” will stop these devices!

After a few days, the popular WhatsApp messaging app will stop working on more than 50 phone models, blocking access to the platform’s messaging, photo and video sharing services.

On November 1, smartphones will stop supporting WhatsApp if their operating systems are too old, as the platform, used by around two billion people in around the world, updates their operating systems every year.

Here is a list of all affected models, as reported and according to the “Express” site.

For Android phone users, WhatsApp will stop working on models with Android 4.0.4 or earlier.

IPhones will stop running the app if they have iOS 9 or earlier versions of the software.

After a few days .. Warning, “WhatsApp” will stop these devices!
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3 iPhone models

People using three specific iPhone models will also need to make sure their phones are up to date or risk losing access to WhatsApp.

Also, without an update, these specific Android models will stop supporting the app after November 1st and you will have to go through several steps to access WhatsApp.

Steps for updating Android

First, they will need to connect their device to a reliable Wi-Fi signal, then open the settings tab and select “About phone”, which should have the option to “check for updates” when a new operating system is available.

All they have to do is click on the “Install Now” option.


IPhone update

Updating an iPhone is simple enough, but people need to keep the phone connected.

Users need to open the Settings tab, then click General and Update software.

They may have more than one option available, from which they can choose or install together.

IPhones also have an option to allow automatic updates. This option can be found by reopening the “Update” tab software” in Settings.

They can turn on automatic updates by clicking on the option there and selecting the “Download iOS Updates” and “Install iOS Updates” toggles.

Clicking on it will allow automatic updates, but some changes may require manual installation.

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