After a long silence, China finally reveals the location of its terrible missile

Beijing emerged from a long and embarrassing silence die was accompanied by the Chinese space agencies and Chinese diplomacy.

“Because of the technical design of this missile will be die most of their components on return in die Atmosphere burned and destroyed, “said Wang Weinpin, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, during a regular press conference.

He pointed out that “die The possibility of causing aerial activities or damage (to persons, facilities and activities) on the ground is very low. “

The Chinese media will devote itself to minimum coverage on Saturday die Event just to die Include statements made by the State Department spokesman.

It’s falling in international waters by the sea

The Chinese newspaper Global Times said on Wednesday that die Debris from the missile likely in international waters will fall for fear that they will re-enter in die Earth’s atmosphere will cause damage.

In relation to die Return of the remains of the “Long March 5B” missile, die die main technical unit of the Chinese space station in die Brought into orbit in die Atmosphere, Chinese space experts previously told the Global Times newspaper that die Structure of the missile is similar to “thin skin and a lot of filling” and according to the fuel consumption are inside the missile during launch die remaining parts of the missile body not large. Since the missile is mainly made of an aluminum alloy, most of it is easy to burn in the atmosphere. Therefore, compared to space stations or large satellites, it is less likely to die Remnants of missiles cause damage to Earth. At the same time is die The missile’s trajectory is not “out of control” as some media reported. It has been precisely calculated and its time of flight in orbit is intentionally shortened by passivation.

Some Western media recently “collectively” die Allegations of “the runaway Chinese missile threat” are exaggerated. How die British newspaper “The Guardian” reported on May 4, circled die Debris from the Chinese rocket after separation from the main unit of the space station die Earth at a speed of about 27,000 kilometers per hour. From the point of view of the flight position are die Missile waste spiraling out of control, posing a threat to die Earth could represent. “

In this regard, Song Chung Ping, a Chinese space expert, responded on Wednesday die Global Times, saying this is generally another exaggeration of the so-called “Chinese space threat”, die adopted by some ancient western powers and traditional trick used by anti-China forces everywhere. Once they have technological breakthroughs in Seeing China makes them more nervous. “

When parts of the missile after entering in die Atmosphere remain complete, there is a high probability that they will dissolve in the sea, since the planet is 70% water. However, the hypothesis that it fell on a populated area or ship at sea remains valid.

Arrived at the weekend die Chinese missile uncontrolled in die Earth’s atmosphere, while China and many experts believe that die Hypothesis that it causes damage to the ground is very slight.

On April 29th, China brought die first components of its future space station with the rocket “Long March 5B”, China’s most powerful rocket, in die Orbit.

It is expected that die first layer of this rocket, die himself still in is in orbit, returns to a point where it is difficult to predict their location on Earth.

According to recent forecasts by the US Department of Defense will die Chinese rocket around 11:00 PM GMT on Saturday in die Atmosphere.

However, these expectations are accompanied by a large error rate of nine hours. It is expected that these predictions will increase in accuracy as die Missile approaching the atmosphere.

“We hope it will fall somewhere where it will not harm anyone,” said Mike Howard, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense die USA pursue the missile’s path.

And Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed this week that his country never intended die Destroying missile, however, indicated that China had not planned carefully enough to launch it.

It exists die Possibility that die heavy rocket fragments reach a populated area, but this is unlikely, according to several experts interviewed by Agence France-Presse.

“Given the size of the rocket, large chunks of it remain,” said Florent Delevi, an astronomer at the Paris-BSL Observatory.

However, the likelihood of it infecting a populated area is “very small, probably less than one in a million,” said Nicholas Bubrinsky, director of technology and innovation at the European Space Agency.

Metal fragments

The idea that a ton of metal shrapnel is going up at hundreds of kilometers per hour die Earth flowing is not good practice, however, and China should reconsider the design of the Long March missions, said Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and an expert on space debris. 5 I to avoid it. “

This is not the first time China has returned to Earth die Loses control of a spaceship. In 2020, shrapnel from another Long March missile fell on cities in the Ivory Coast and caused damage but no loss.

China is investing billions of dollars in its space program to Russia and die United States in catch up with this area.

The huge Asian country sent its first Chinese citizen into space in 2003. It set up a vehicle in early 2019 die dark side of the moon, a global precedent.

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