After a major hack in Iran, Bennett suggests: “Anyone who messes with us will pay the price.”

The day after major Iranian steel companies were subjected to a cyber attack, outgoing Prime Minister Naftali Bennett issued strong warnings, arguing that anyone attempting to launch a cyber attack on his country would pay dearly, which some observers consider. a hint of Israel’s involvement.

“We don’t want to cause chaos in Tehran, but if you catch us in tour you will pay the price, “he said during a speech yesterday at an Internet conference, according to reports media locals.

He also highlighted the benefits of using electronic warfare instead of traditional military attack methods, stating that “a group of intelligent people sitting at a keyboard can achieve the same effect for any other attack, but without risking the lives of soldiers.”

Weapon of the Internet

Also, consider that today there are many methods of hitting the enemy via Internet, where in in the past it was necessary to send 50 or 100 commandos secretly behind the lines in amidst great dangers, but now a group of intelligent people sitting at a keyboard can achieve the same effect

He stressed that the internet will inevitably become one of the dimensions of the future war, considering it is logical that the authorities can achieve an effect without risking the lives of their soldiers.

It is also likely that there will be a large global investment in the fight against cybercrime.

“electronic deterrence”

Regarding his e-warfare policy relating to Iran, he said: “Just as there is nuclear deterrence, there will be electronic deterrence.” And he added: “My method in general with our enemies, in particularly Iran, is not to cause chaos in Tehran unless you mess with it, so you will pay the price. “

He also stressed that he can no longer hit Israeli territory indirectly, through delegates: Hezbollah and Hamas, with impunity.

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“From now in then, we will hit the bully directly, “he said.” If someone attacks us onlinewe will respond and we will not be weak “, he concluded.

These statements came after major cyber attacks on Monday forced the Iranian regime’s Khuzestan Steel Company and other large manufacturers to shut down production.

An unknown hacker group claimed responsibility for the attack on social mediaclaiming to have targeted the three largest Iranian steel companies in response to the “aggression of the Islamic Republic”.

The group, calling themselves “Gonjeshke Darande”, shared footage from the Khuzestan Steel Company plant showing a piece of heavy machinery malfunctioning on its steel rod production line, causing a huge fire.

While the Israeli military correspondents, who are informed in informally by senior Israeli officials, they hinted that Tel Aviv was directly responsible for this attack in response to a suspected cyber attack that detonated sirens in Jerusalem and Eilat last week, the Times reported. “.

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