After a new Russian bombing, Ukraine imposes restrictions on the consumption of electricity

After a new Russian bombing of the country’s energy infrastructure, the Ukrainian presidential adviser announced Thursday that electricity consumption will be subject to greater restrictions in regions located in central Ukraine.

Kirilo Tymoshenko told Telegram: “To avoid a complete shutdown (of supply) in the center (of the country), the energy sector was forced to impose stricter restrictions” on electricity consumption.

He also indicated that these restrictions would affect the capital, Kiev, Chernigov, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr, without specifying whether the strikes had caused casualties.

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For its part, the operator “Ukrinergo” explained that “these measures allow energy companies to quickly repair damaged plants and maintain balance in the electricity production system”.

In addition, Kyiv region governor Oleksiy Kuleba called on residents to “prepare for emergency power outages for an indefinite period” and “consume electricity in moderation”.

“This is a mandatory step to stabilize the situation,” he said.

For several days the capital witnessed power outages for four hours a day, alternating neighborhoods.

More than two weeks ago, Russia stepped up its attacks on the Ukrainian network, destroying at least a third of its capacity, before winter.

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