After a terrorist plot on its soil, Turkey is shocked and put in guard Iran

Official sources announced to Israeli Channel 12 that Ankara has sent “firm and strong messages” to Tehran that it is not ready to allow Iran to use its territory to carry out or organize terrorist acts against other countries.

These threats come amid urgent Israeli warnings to its citizens not to travel in Turkey, after the news of the cooperation of Ankara and Israel to counter an attack on Israeli targets in the country by the Iranian regime’s planning.

Turkish discontent

Meanwhile, Turkey has reportedly expressed its dissatisfaction with the plot to attack the country’s tourism and the impact of these warnings on Israel’s tourist season, although many reports show Israelis ignore. in most of the warnings.

On Monday, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid urged Israeli citizens in Turkey to return to light of recent Iranian threats to target Israelis.

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Invitation to travel in Turkey

“After several Iranian attempts to carry out terrorist attacks against Israelis in vacation there, we ask Israelis not to travel to Istanbul either in Turkey if not necessary, “said the minister in a note. Lapid also invited the Israelis in Turkey to “come back in Israel as soon as possible “.

In recent weeks, the Israeli press has cited sources who preferred not to be identified, reports of attempts to carry out attacks on Israelis in Turkey.

According to these mediathese attempts were thwarted by cooperation between the Israeli and Turkish security services.

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