After America’s support … Zelensky: I struggle every day to get weapons

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, after a phone call with his US counterpart Joe Biden, on Wednesday expressed his “gratitude” for the additional package of US military aid to Kiev.

“The United States has announced a new strengthening of our defense, a new support package worth a billion dollars … I am grateful for this support, it is particularly important for our defense in Donbas”, the entire eastern region. of the country that Russian forces are trying to control, Zelensky said in his daily evening speech.

“Thankful to America”

“I am also grateful for the (US) leadership in mobilizing the help of all partners,” he added.

He also confirmed that he had also discussed with the president of the United States “the tactical situation on the battlefield and how to accelerate our victory”.

“I struggle every day”

And he added: “I fight every day for Ukraine to have the necessary weapons and equipment … but courage, wisdom and tactical skills cannot be imported. Our heroes have them.”

In another context, Zelensky said he also had a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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“Support until victory”

In a tweet, Johnson said London supported Kiev “until its final victory”.

“The G7 and NATO summits at the end of this month will be an opportunity to demonstrate the unity and determination of the West to support Ukraine in the long term,” he added.

On Wednesday, Biden announced an additional $ 1 billion military aid package to Ukraine that includes more artillery, coastal anti-ship defense systems, artillery ammunition and advanced missile systems currently used by Kiev forces.

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