After an attack on its embassy.. Pakistan withdraws members of its mission from Kabul

Pakistan has announced the withdrawal of members of its diplomatic mission from Kabul after the attack on its embassy.

Today, Friday, Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif condemned what he said via Twitter claimed it was an attempt to assassinate his country’s head of mission in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

Pakistani PM said an ‘assassination attempt’ was carried out on Friday targeting his country’s envoy in Afghanistan, amid tensions between the two neighbors.

“I strongly condemn the despicable assassination attempt on Pakistan’s head of mission in Kabul,” added Shahbaz Sharif in a tweet.

He explained that the perpetrators of the attack did not harm the Pakistani diplomat, Abdul Rahman Nizamani, but opened fire and injured his security guard. There was still no confirmation on the condition of the security guard.

The shooting comes a day after the Pakistani government called on the ruling Afghan Taliban to prevent terrorist attacks from within its territory.

The Pakistani Taliban, allied with their namesake across the border, claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing earlier in the week in southwestern Pakistan that caused shock and anger in the whole country.

The blast killed four people and apparently targeted police who were protecting workers from an anti-polio campaign in the area.

Pakistan accuses the Afghan Taliban of not doing enough to control militants who take refuge in its country and launch attacks across the border.

The Taliban have taken over in Afghanistan last year with the withdrawal of the last US and NATO forces from Afghanistan.

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