After an explosion at the Ukrainian embassy, ​​booby-trapped letters to the Spanish prime minister

Spain’s Interior Ministry confirmed that Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s office received a letter on Nov. 24 containing an explosive device “similar” to letters that arrived on Wednesday at the Ukrainian embassy and at a Spanish arms manufacturer and an airbase on Thursday. .

The ministry added that security measures will be strengthened around public and diplomatic buildings in all over the country after the series of fake letters.

Spanish police are investigating a suspicious letter bomb sent to an airbase outside Madrid on Thursday, a day after a letter bomb exploded at the Ukrainian embassy injuring a staff member, the interior and defense ministries said.

Government officials said another parcel bomb was spotted on Wednesday evening in an arms factory that produces grenade launchers that Spain has sent in Ukraine, in the city of Zaragoza, in northern Spain, and that the police blew it up in controlled way.

The Spanish defense ministry said additional security forces had been deployed to the Torrejon de Ardoz base east of Madrid.

The explosion at the embassy occurred on Wednesday when a staff member opened a letter addressed to the ambassador.

For his part, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba quickly ordered the security of all Ukrainian embassies to be strengthened. He has also asked his Spanish counterpart to take urgent action to investigate the attack.