After banning women from working… humanitarian organizations withdraw from Afghanistan

Relief organizations Christian Aid and Action Aid have announced the suspension of their activities in Afghanistan after the Taliban ordered a ban on women working in non-governmental organizations, bringing the total number of organizations suspended to six.

Christian Aid has urged the British Taliban to lift the ban, expressing regret for suspending his work in Afghanistan.

A similar joint statement was issued by other organisations, Save The Children, the Norwegian Refugee Council and CARE.

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For his part, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said the Taliban seeks to exclude women from society by banning their work in non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan.

The British Foreign Secretary, through his Twitter account, called on the Taliban to “urgently” reverse the decision, explaining that the Taliban’s decision would prevent millions of Afghans from receiving aid and humanitarian supplies.

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A statement said the acting head of the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan has urged the Taliban government’s interim economy minister to reverse a decision banning the work of female employees of non-governmental organizations, and the mission added that millions of Afghans are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan claimed in a communiqué that millions of Afghans are in need of humanitarian assistance and existing obstacles need to be overcome.

The Taliban government’s Ministry of Economy had previously urged all NGOs, local and foreign, to bar their employees from working until further notice.

The orders do not apply directly to the United Nations, but the non-governmental organizations covered by the resolution carry out many of the United Nations’ programmes, which threatens another crisis facing Afghan women and families, to add to all the crises that the Afghans suffer from it.

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