After being sworn in, Marcos Jr. commends the government of his father, the former president of the Philippines

Philippine President Marcos Jr., during his swearing in Thursday, praised the reign of his father, the former president of the same name who ruled the archipelago for nearly three decades.

After being sworn in to replace Rodrigo Duterte, Marcos Jr. said: “I’ve known in past a man who saw how little had been done since independence and did it. “

“So it will be with his son and there will be no apology from me,” he added.

Marcos Jr. was sworn in as president of the Philippines on Thursday when his family returned to power from which they had been expelled more than three decades ago.

Marcos Jr. was sworn in before hundreds of Filipino and foreign dignitaries as well as journalists and a number of his supporters who gathered at the Manila National Museum.

Ferdinand “Bong Pong” Marcos Jr., 64, won the overwhelming majority in last month’s presidential election, scoring the biggest win since his father was ousted. in a popular revolution in 1986.

Marcos Jr. takes over the presidency, succeeding Rodrigo Duterte, popular and internationally known for his ferocious war on drugs, who has threatened to kill traffickers even after leaving office.

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