After confirming 78 soldiers killed, how will the Russians respond to the Ukrainian attack?

In one of the bloodiest attacks since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the death toll from Monday’s Ukrainian bombing of a Russian recruiting department in Donetsk was confirmed to have risen to 78 soldiers, with another 136 injured.

However, this bombing will not go unnoticed by Russia, as the Kremlin immediately pledged not to tolerate the incident at all, especially as the bombing targeted a temporary deployment point of the armed forces in Makevka, and was carried out with four high-explosive warhead missiles, according to the site web American NPR.

Annie’s first Russian answer…

As a result, Russian forces have deployed explosive drones in the vicinity of thearea targeted.

The defense ministry added that its warplanes targeted temporary deployment points of “Foreign Legion” units in Donetsk and Kharkov, resulting in dozens of deaths.

He also confirmed the wounding of 67 artillery units in shooting sites, forces and military equipment in 92 regions of Ukraine, which coincided with the destruction of two missile and artillery weapons depots and a fuel depot.

While not mentioning the date of the harsh Ukrainian attack, he confirmed that it was carried out using accurate weapons supplied by the US to Kiev, which opens the door to possibilities for a new Russian response.

A heavy blow with an accurate American weapon

These developments come after Russia’s Defense Ministry acknowledged on Monday that Ukrainian forces had fired missiles at a facility in eastern Donetsk region where Russian soldiers were stationed, killing 78. in one of the bloodiest attacks against Kremlin forces since the beginning of military operations in February, last February.

The ministry said in a statement that Ukrainian forces fired 6 missiles from the HIMARS launch system, two of which were shot down.

Moscow has confirmed the deaths of its soldiers

While not mentioning the date of the attack, he confirmed it was carried out using a US-supplied precision weapon in Kiev.

Ukraine is using advanced Western-supplied weapons to help shoot down Russian missiles and drones, as well as deliver artillery strikes into Russian-controlled areas of the country.

As for Donetsk, it is one of 4 Ukrainian regions that Russia announced the annexation of last year, as part of its military operations in Ukraine started at the end of February 2022.

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