After destroying a satellite, Germany calls for urgent action against Russia

The German government said Tuesday it was “extremely concerned” that Russia destroyed one of its satellites during a test launch and felt that measures should be taken “urgently” to “improve security and confidence”.

To this, the German foreign ministry added in a statement: “We call on all countries to commit themselves in constructive way in this process and in the development of principles of responsible behavior in space “.

Russia tested a missile that destroyed one of its oldest satellites in Earth’s orbit, and the United States accused it of leaving a “cloud” of debris that it put in danger the International Space Station and its crew.


Berlin said that “such irresponsible behavior carries a high risk of misjudgment and escalation.”

He also stated that “the test highlights the growing risks and threats to security and stability in space and the urgent need for the international community to agree on rules for the peaceful and sustainable use of outer space and on measures to strengthen security and confidence. “


But after a day of silence, the Russian Defense Ministry admitted on Tuesday that it had “successfully” launched a launch against an inactive Tselina-D spacecraft that was in orbit since 1982, without specifying which weapon was used.

But the ministry denounced Washington’s “malicious” allegations about the danger posed by the wreck.

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