After education Taliban deprives Afghan women of work

After the Taliban used water cannons and tree branches to disperse a women’s demonstration organized to protest against the ban on girls’ education in universities imposed by the authorities a few days ago today, Saturday, their violations have not stopped here.

Things have evolved with the extremist movement to the point of imposing foreign organizations operating in Afghanistan not to hire women.

No work for women

In an official letter, the Ministry of Economy of the government of the Afghan movement announced that it had issued an order to all local and foreign NGOs not to allow women to come to work.

Economy Ministry spokesman Abd al-Rahman Habib al-Khattab also confirmed that women are banned from going to work until further notice because some of them do not respect the dress code imposed on them by the government, in the latest target of women’s freedoms in the country.

Rejection of the movement’s decision to prevent women from accessing education

While it is not yet clear whether the issue concerns the United Nations agencies that have a strong presence in Afghanistan.

The decision comes days after the Taliban government issued an order to universities to bar female students from attending, which sparked strong international criticism, sparked some protests and sparked strong criticism from within Afghanistan.

until further notice

On Tuesday, the Taliban banned college education for girls in Afghanistan until further notice, which means that girls and women can only receive primary level education.

This decision was met with international outrage, as most countries around the world condemned the repression of Afghan women at the hands of the Taliban.

While massive protests erupted in across the country to reject the decision, prompting the movement to respond to women with water pipes and tree branches to disperse a women’s demonstration.

The ban on higher education for girls and women comes less than three months after thousands of them took entrance exams to universities across the country.

The Taliban movement has increased the restrictions on freedoms, especially for women, who have been progressively excluded from public life and excluded from secondary schools.

Interestingly, the Taliban movement had taken over in Afghanistan on August 15, in coinciding with the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from the country.

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