After four decades of imprisonment, Karim Younis is free

The senior of Palestinian and Arab prisoners, a member of the Central Committee of the “Fatah” movement, the fighter Karim Yunis (66 years), at dawn on Thursday, after four decades of imprisonment in Israeli occupation prisons. Occupation authorities deliberately released fighter Yunis at dawn and left him alone in the town of Raanana, near Tel Aviv, without informing his family, in an attempt to spoil their joy and sabotage his reception. According to Wafa Agency, upon his arrival in his hometown, the editor, Yunus, visited the house of his fellow prisoners’ mother, Maher Yunis, and then went to visit the graves of his parents who died while he was in captivity. Karim hugged the grave of his father, who died 10 years ago and was forbidden to meet him for more than 17. He also cried bitterly in front of the grave of his mother, Subhiya Younes, who died only 8 months ago and eagerly in awaiting his release. Karim Younis said in front of the cemetery: “My mother was an ambassador for all prisoners of freedom. My mother endured more than she could, but she chose to see me from heaven after a long wait.” He added: “All our people deserve every veneration of pace … and our families ask for national unity because it is the law of victory”. He continued: “We are ready to offer another 40 years for the freedom of our people, and this determination and donation are present in all prisoners”.

Soon after hearing the news of prisoner Karim Younes’ release, large crowds from Palestinian cities across the 48 territories flocked to his family’s home to participate in his release celebrations. The story of Karim Younes began on the morning of January 6, 1983, when a special unit affiliated with the occupation raided in an engineering laboratory of the Ben-Gurion University of Beersheba, whose members stopped at the door to make sure he was inside. And in the laboratory where the two Palestinian students, Karim Younes and Riyad Mahameed, were experimenting with one of the inventions, they were asked: Which of you is generous? So Karim left what he had in hand and walked to the Special Forces, leaving on the table of the studio two pencils and ink and the university bag, and from that day Karim never returned to his home.