After Hamdok’s resignation .. Al-Burhan: it is necessary to form a government of independent powers

After the Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdullah Hamdouk, submitted his resignation, the President of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, stressed the need to form an independent government with specific tasks, to which all Sudanese would be agree in this historical circumstance that the country is going through.

He stressed the need to work to achieve the tasks of the transition period, which is to achieve the pace, establish security, address issues related to people’s livelihoods and hold elections.

He further stressed that “achieving these goals requires the cohesion of the Sudanese people to support the nation’s superior interests and stay away from narrow partisan interests, stressing that the military is the nation’s safety valve and will remain cohesive to guard the nation. its soil and its security and will protect the democratic transition to free and fair elections that meet the aspirations of all Sudanese. “

Hamdok resigns

For this Hamdok decided, at dawn on Monday, to resign from his post. And he announced, in a televised speech, of having decided to resign from the office of Prime Minister, after having met in recent days with all the components of the country.

He added that there are nihilistic conflicts between the components of the transition, noting that he has tried to spare Sudan the risk of sliding into disaster.

He also stressed that dialogue is the solution towards consensus to complete the democratic civil transformation.

He stressed that the great crisis in Sudan is a political crisis and it is almost global, as he said.

“I had the honor of serving my country”

He also stressed that the revolution is moving towards its goal and victory is inevitable, saying: “I have received the honor of serving my country for more than two years. in a difficult reality “.

He also explained that the political agreement was an attempt to bring the parties to the dialogue table, noting that it contained ideas to stop the escalation and promote the interest of Sudan.

He felt that the horizon of dialogue was blocked between everyone, which made the transition process fragile in Sudan.

after compatibility

He stressed that his acceptance of the post of prime minister came after a political consensus, noting that the parties made an effort to get Sudan out of its isolation and reintegrate it into the international community.

After Hamdok’s resignation .. Al-Burhan: it is necessary to form a government of independent powers
Abdullah Hamdouk and Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan (AFP)

He believed that the transitional government had faced serious challenges, the most important of which were international isolation and debt, stressing that it had faced all challenges.

The tension did not stop

Interestingly, Hamdok’s resignation from his post as head of the Sudanese government came after months of protests in which Sudan has entered since October last year, which included criticisms and manifestations of rejection of the exceptional measures imposed at the time by the armed forces, according to which the government and the Sovereign Council were dissolved, and the agreement signed with Hamdok also on 21 November, which established the partnership in the country’s government with the military component, and at the same time the premier lost his political incubator.

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