After her daughter commits suicide, a mother sues the giant gods social media

Selena Rodriguez’s 11-year-old mother filed a lawsuit against the social network Facebook and Snapchat for “lack of adequate protection” from pushing daughter to suicide in July 2021.

The case was filed last Thursday in a Northern California court and the indictment includes the murder of “manslaughter” against the social networkaccording to a report published by the Washington Post.

The lawsuit notes that Selena’s suicide was caused by “design wrongdoing and unreasonable negligence in Facebook and Snapchat products. “

He added that the tech giants “have designed social network which are unreasonably dangerous and addictive to users. “


No comments from Meta or Snap on the matter, noting that their platforms are designed to protect minors and that they are constantly adding features to protect young users.

Court documents claim that Selena has suffered for more than two years from her severe addiction to using “Instagram” owned by the company “Meta” (formerly Facebook) and “Snapchat” owned by “Snap”, which has caused severe sleep deprivation due to constant alerts and notifications 24 hours a day.

The long history of Selena sui social network increased his depression, especially during the time of the Corona pandemic.


The girl also suffered from “received requests for sexual exploitation content from adult users”.

Court documents indicated that “the girl responded to messages reaching her and received sexual images of her, which were later leaked inside her school, which made her the subject of ridicule and embarrassment.” , which made her more absent from school.

Selena was hospitalized in hospital to receive psychological treatment, where he suffered from eating disorders, self-harm and eventually suicide, though in on several occasions he received psychological treatment for his addiction.

The lawsuit claims that both Meta and Snape are responsible for causing and contributing to the growing mental health crisis affecting children and adolescents.

It was reported that “Facebook”, before the company changed its name in “Meta” faced several cause laws relating to electronic games for children and the promotion of hatred, division and child abuse, which society has repeatedly denied.

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