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After his home was ransacked, Trump decided to appear before the judiciary to investigate real estate matters

Former US President Donald Trump agreed to testify on Wednesday in an investigation by the New York State Attorney General into his family’s business practices in amidst a flurry of legal trouble for him.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James is conducting a civil investigation to see if the Trump Organization has overstated real estate values. Trump and two of his adult children, Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump, have agreed to testify.

Trump denied the irregularities and described the New York investigation as politically motivated. DA James belongs to the Democratic Party.

“Tonight in New York City. Tomorrow I will see the racist New York Attorney General as the biggest manhunt in US history continues! My great company and I are under attack from all sides,” Trump, a Republican, he said in a post on its Truth Social platform on Tuesday in delay. “.

James claimed his investigation revealed prove significant that the Trump Organization, which manages hotels, golf courses and other properties, has overestimated the values ​​of asset to obtain favorable loans and undervalued values ​​to obtain tax credits.

Separately this week, the FBI raided Trump’s home in Florida, marking a major escalation in the federal investigation into whether the former president illegally transferred documents from the White House while leaving office in January 2021.

Trump has publicly hinted at running for president again in 2024, but hasn’t made it clear if he will.

Several investigations have focused on Trump since leaving office, weeks after his supporters stormed the Capitol (Congress) on January 6, 2021 in a failed attempt to reverse his election loss. Trump continues to argue that the elections were stolen through massive election fraud.

Trump remains the most influential voice in the Republican Party, and observers have said the FBI inspection could strengthen his position with Republican voters.


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