After his vote, Netanyahu: I hope this will be the last election

Outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu crossed Tuesday after casting his vote Israeli parliamentary elections Fourth in less than two years, he hopes this poll will be the “last”.

“I hope these are the last elections,” and ended the political impasse, said Netanyahu, who arrived with his wife Sarah at a polling station in the Rehavia neighborhood of Jerusalem.

It is noteworthy that Netanyahu, who has been in power continuously since 2009, remains in office despite his failure to form a stable majority government and face three corruption charges.

It is noteworthy that the polling stations opened their doors on Tuesday morning for the early parliamentary elections. Approximately 6.5 million Israelis are eligible to vote in the elections.

The face varies This time Netanyahu How it comes after his leadership of the tireless efforts to vaccinate against the corona virus in a vaccination campaign that had great success and is considered the fastest in the world on an individual level, after vaccinating more than half of the population of Israel, who number more than nine million, with a first dose and about 49% with the second dose of Pfizer’s Bayontec vaccine.

Opinion polls suggest that Netanyahu and his Likud party will get the most seats in parliament, but the prime minister must continue to ally with other parties to ensure a 120-seat majority in the Knesset.

Accordingly, Israel faces three possible outcomes: either a new coalition led by Netanyahu, or a divided government unified by the opposition, or a fifth early election.

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