After incidents of torture and rape. Abi Ahmed: Eritrea’s army will withdraw from Tigray

On Friday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that Eritrea would withdraw its armed forces from the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia when Addis Ababa launched a military campaign to overthrow local authorities in November, accusing them of launching operations in federal army camps.

Abiy Ahmed said in a statement: “During my talks with (Eritrean) President Isaias Afwerki on the occasion of my visit to Asmara, the Eritrean government agreed to withdraw its forces outside the borders of Ethiopia,” as quoted by AFP. “

The statement by the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Office follows strong pressure from the United States and others to address the bloody Tigray crisis Witnesses reported looting, killings and rape by Eritrean soldiers.

After a visit to Eritrea, Abe’s statement said that the Ethiopian armed forces would “immediately” guard the border areas.

On Thursday, the United Nations announced that more than 500 rape cases have been recorded in 5 medical clinics in the Tigray region of Ethiopia The actual number of cases is higher A lot of.

Wafa Saeed, United Nations Deputy Auxiliary Coordinator in Ethiopia, said in a testimony to member states of the international organization in New York: “Women said they were raped by armed elements.

It was reported that at least 516 rape cases were recorded in 5 medical facilities in Muqli, Adigrat, Wokro, Shire and Aksum.

“Given that most health facilities are down and the stigma associated with rape,” said Wafa Saeed, “the real numbers are likely to be much higher.”

On Monday, 12 senior world organization officials called for an end to indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Tigray, citing reports of rape and “other horrific forms of violence”.

Fighting broke out in Tigray in November between government forces and the region’s former ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. The Ethiopian Prime Minister also said troops from Eritrea had entered the area.

The fighting in Tigray has claimed thousands of lives and displaced hundreds of thousands in the mountainous region of nearly 5 million people.

The United Nations expressed concern about the atrocities, while US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken described the actions as ethnic cleansing. Ethiopia denied Blinking’s claim.

This week, Abe admitted for the first time that there had been atrocities such as rape and said that any soldiers who had committed crimes would be punished.

Dozens of witnesses in Tigray told Reuters that Eritrean soldiers routinely killed civilians, committed mass rape, tortured women, and ransacked homes and crops. Eritrea did not respond to inquiries regarding reports of atrocities.

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