After its bankruptcy in different countries, “WhatsApp” reveals the reason for the interruption of its service

After its bankruptcy in different countries of the world yesterday, Thursday, the famous communication application “WhatsApp” confirmed on Friday that it had solved technical failures that led to the interruption of the service in different regions.

And the site web (Downdetector), which is in charge of following the status of the famous digital platforms, said that last night there were over 41,000 interruptions of the “WhatsApp” service.

And the British network “Sky News” reported on Friday that most of the disruptions to the “WhatsApp” service in Great Britain occurred in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

But the problem went beyond the borders of Great Britain, as there were outages of the “WhatsApp” service in several countries around the world, such as the United States, where “WhatsApp” acknowledged that there was a problem and said it was working to get things back to normal.

Facebook also appeared to have technical issues, but on a smaller scale, only around 200 users reported difficulties using the blue site at the same time.

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