“After Japan’s apologies” the Club World Cup is in danger of being postponed

The British press revealed today Wednesday that talks are taking place during this period between the International Football Association and the Japanese Federation to host the World Cup for club FIFA (2021).

And the British newspaper “Daily Mail” said: “The Japanese Football Association has decided not to host the tournament during this edition due to the pandemic of the Corona virus epidemic”, noting that “FIFA” has not settled on the country that will be an alternative to Japan, given that the tournament should take place next December.

And the British newspaper quoted statements from an official source from the Japanese Football Association: “If we don’t make plans on how to organize events in concurrent with the Corona virus, football and other sports will not be in able to sustain itself “.

The newspaper stressed that Qatar could be the alternative to FIFA, especially after hosting the last edition, which saw Bayern Munich win the world title.

And the Japanese “Kyodo News Agency” had quoted sources from the Japan Football Association, stating that “the federation has decided to renounce the right to host the World Cup for club FIFA 2021 due to the restrictions and procedures of the Corona virus “.

Sources indicated that FIFA is hesitant about the host country for the next tournament and its reserve dates, because the World Cup for club could be postponed from the scheduled date to December, adding that the Japanese Emperor’s Cup final will be presented to the date of December 19, which is the time in which the World Cup tournament would take place for club.

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