After Lewandowski’s shock Barcelona steers their compass for a surprising choice

London – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: Spanish press sources have unveiled the last names nominated for Barcelona in the next summer transfer market, after the chances of the Italian Grana to obtain the main goal have decreased, and referring to the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski , Bayern Munich insisted on continuing in “Allianz Arena” until the end of his contract. According to the newspaper “Sport”, near the decision-making room of the “Camp Nou”, the president Joan Laporta is about to switch to a sudden option on the attack line, which is the Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku, in as a strategic alternative to Lewandowski, after the failure of the first attempts to convince the Bavarian giant, abandoning his goal machine before entering the last year of his contract. And the newspaper learned from its sources that Bayern Munich shocked the Laporta brokers, with a categorical rejection of the idea of ​​doing without the Polish executioner at any cost, and as a result, the Catalan compass turned to the wagon. Belgian armed, with the blessing of coach Xavi Hernandez, for the urgency of a world-class striker, given his lack of conviction of the names available, even after having strengthened the attack with the trio Adama Traore, Pierre Aubameyang and Ferran Torres in the last winter window. The report says the Barca administration will seek to exploit the crisis it is experiencing club Londoner, against the backdrop of the dissuasive sanctions imposed on the body, such as a tax for the rapprochement of President Roman Abramovich with President Vladimir Putin, in addition to what has been described as the “tension” of the player’s relationship with his German coach, Thomas Tuchel , in the hope of obtaining the facilities for the transport of the Belgian monster to the “Camp Nou”. And the source explained, that the obstacle does not lie in extracting the approval of Chelsea, for the will of Tuchel and managers to get rid of the attacker, for not having appeared in the same version that he was with Inter, but in the la potential fierce competition with her ex club, and the difficulty of convincing the player to give his back to the team with which he spent the best moments of his professional career, and before this and that, the management will have to get rid of the superfluous, to finance the big deal. In contrast to the glamorous version that Lukaku had under the guidance of Antonio Conte at Inter, he is now stepping on one of his worst seasons of his professional career after returning to Chelsea again, in a contract record who touched 100 million pounds, to disappoint the fans, delaying his compatibility with new colleagues His surrender in bench, and the worst of his record of goals, especially in English Premier League matches, scoring only 5 goals in 23 games, out of 12 goals in 40 games in various competitions, which raises doubts about the possibility of his continuation at “Stamford Bridge” for another season.