After Putin was described as a “murderer” … Russia’s ambassador leaves Washington

In response to President Joe Biden’s description of Russian President Vladimir Putin as a murderer and his promise to pay the price for his interference in the US elections, the Russian Ambassador left Washington for consultations on Saturday.

Over the past two days, Moscow-Washington exchanges have intensified as the Russian President responded to Biden, stressing that people usually see others as they see themselves.

The Kremlin also announced on Friday that Putin’s offer to hold face-to-face talks with the US president on the Internet remains in place.

Diplomatic channels

He indicated that it could do so on Monday or at any other convenient time for Biden and noted that Russia is using diplomatic channels to provide options for hosting an event where Putin and Biden will get together.

When asked whether a new Cold War has begun with the United States, the Kremlin replied, “We always strive for the best, but we prepare for the worst.”

He also stressed that the US President’s statements about his Russian counterpart cannot be ignored.

Sarcasm and joke

Stressing that the United States and Russia must maintain their relationship, he continued, “What do I reply to him about what my American colleague has said? I will tell him: Be healthy! I wish him health.”

The Russian President also stated that “there are many honorable and respected people in the American government, and Russia will depend on them”.

Mutual allegations

It is noteworthy that the exchange of harsh testimonies and accusations between the two parties came following a declassified report from the office of the director of the U.S. National Intelligence finding that Putin approved lobbies in support of Trump in the presidential election last November .

While Biden replied to a question about the above report in an interview broadcast by ABC News on Wednesday, “Putin will pay the price.”

When asked if he believed the Russian president fought, he also replied, saying, “I think so.”

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