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After returning from space, a Japanese billionaire: Earth is more precious


Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, 46, who recently visited space, confirmed that his trip gave him “a greater appreciation” of planet Earth.

Maezawa spent 12 days in December on the International Space Station with his assistant and, after returning to Earth, shared his impressions of space. in a press conference in Tokyo, according to Agence France-Presse.

He also said that returning from space one feels a greater appreciation for the earth, the seasons, the wind, the smells and the gaze on many things.

“The landscape of the earth is very beautiful”

Maezawa, who made a fortune in the clothing trade onlinedescribed the view of the Earth from the International Space Station, saying, “It’s very beautiful in the picture, but it’s a hundred times more beautiful when we see it with our own eyes.” Faced with this scene, she asked: “What would world leaders think if they got together in space and talked about the problems of the Earth?”, Considering that this could make the Earth a better place in to live.

The businessman also talked about his exploration plans, which include an upcoming trip around the moon in 2023 with eight people in a spacecraft of the “SpaceX” group and a diving operation in the deepest ocean trench on Earth.

The Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, in the moment in which arrives on Earth

Difficulty sleeping . and weightlessness

“I would like to dive into the Mariana Trench” in the Pacific Ocean, he said, explaining that the type and duration of this operation has been fixed in reality, and will be announced. in following.

In addition, the billionaire, who, during his stay on the International Space Station, posted videos on daily life through his YouTube channel. in orbit, on its sense of weightlessness and on the difficulty of sleeping in absence of gravity, because what is in space “floats constantly”. Maezawa, who loves art, and among the most important works in his collection, is a painting by Basquia, worth more than 110 million dollars, which he bought in 2017, who brought with him a painting of a young Japanese artist, and gave it to the passengers of the International Space Station.

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