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After severing ties, will Algeria do without the transit pipeline to Morocco?


The Algerian Minister of Energy, Mohamed Arkab, confirmed that all supplies of Algerian natural gas to Spain and from there to Europe will take place through the “Medgaz” gas pipeline that crosses the Mediterranean Sea, as reported last night by the agency of Algerian press, citing a ministry statement.

The statement from the Algerian minister, which arrived after receiving the Spanish ambassador, suggests that Algeria will renounce the Maghreb-European gas pipeline, which passes through Morocco, two days after the breakdown of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Morocco spoke first Cut relationships, expressed his support for the extension of the agreement on the gas pipeline linking the Algerian gas fields to the European continent through the Kingdom, and which expires in October of quest’year.

However, the Algerian Minister of Energy affirmed “Algeria’s full commitment to cover all supplies of natural gas to Spain through the Medgaz pipeline”.

He explained that Algeria has “the ability to meet the growing demand for gas from European markets, in particularly the Spanish one, thanks to its flexibility in terms of liquefaction capacity available to the country “, referring to the expansion of the capacity of the Medgaz pipeline that directly connects Algeria to Spain across the Mediterranean Sea.

The chief executive of the Algerian oil and gas company Sonatrach had previously announced in June that “even if this contract is not renewed, Algeria will be in able to supply Spain and will respond smoothly to any potential additional demand from the Spanish market. “

The official Algerian agency also stated that Morocco draws a “great advantage” from the passage of the pipeline to Europe, knowing that it “pumps 800 million cubic meters of gas for its own needs, in addition to the fees it imposes in the framework of pipeline rights of way “.

On Tuesday, Algeria announced the breakdown of diplomatic relations with Rabat, after months of tension, claiming that “Morocco had carried out hostile acts against Algeria”.

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