After six months of ban.. Windows restores the ability to download its updates for Russian users

Russian IT specialists were delighted. After the American company Microsoft gave Russian users the opportunity to download updates to their main product, the Windows operating system.

This opportunity was banned for six months, and then suddenly the doors opened again, many do not find an explanation, except that this is one of the surprises of Christmas.

Users can download the latest versions of Windows from the official website of the company. After the imposition of sanctions, this was only possible with VPN software.

Officially, Microsoft continues to comply with the sanctions regime. And what I have actually allowed is just updating products that are already there. However, at the same time, the company unofficially launched sales of its product codes in Russia.

Commenting on this, says Eldar Murtazin, an analyst at Mobile Research Group. “These products can be purchased through pirates, and the company is not opposed to this process.” He added: “Microsoft does not want to completely lose the huge Russian market. Moreover, users have already begun to switch to alternatives.”

In fact, the restrictions imposed on updates pushed the townsfolk to thoughts that are very logical, according to Murtazin: “If updates are disabled today, Office My or Windows can be disabled tomorrow, and how will I work then?” And users began to look for alternatives. .” Murtazin believes that in order to slow down the decline in its share in Russia, Europe’s largest market, the company “has given up on moving forward.”

However, other experts consider this measure temporary. Or it happened as a result of a technical error. The proof of this is that some users are unable to download the update from the official website. Or what happened was just a temporary “window of opportunity”. The company unofficially opened it for a few days. And if the US authorities find out, they can be told that some Indian programmers made a mistake.

In any case, experts believe that it is not known what the US authorities and the company’s management can come up with. Therefore, no matter what “window of opportunity” opens, it is better to find a more loyal and non-capricious alternative.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda