After success in the music industry, Richa Gulati is on the big screen.

Richa Gulati, skilled in beauty, creativity and understanding, wanted to become a doctor while completing her studies, but fate had written something else for her. Now Richa Gulati is making her name as an actress. After getting recognition in music videos, advertisements, Richa is also ready for her performance on big screen films and OTT platforms. Talking about her journey, Richa said, “I was oblivious to my beauty and it took me some time to recognize my talent. I wanted to be a doctor but the opportunity to present my beauty in the best way gave me an acting career. Diya. Through which I am able to present my talent in different ways. This is how my journey in the entertainment industry started.

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‘My journey was like that of others. The hard work was genuine and it took time to find success. Finally, my hard work, dedication and choosing the right project started getting me great recognition, and now I am ready for my next big project too”.. Let us tell you that Richa has been a part of many big projects. She has become a part of many big projects. -Girami has been seen working with music personalities. Richa has been a part of many projects of Zee Music, T-Series and Venus. Apart from this, Richa has also worked with big designer brands like Manish Malhotra, Asha Milani, Esha Kaul Have done

Richa was also seen showing her artistry in many single hit songs. Her performance was seen in many songs like Andher Raat, Black Dot, Dillagi, Killer Look, Enkan Kalin, Jab Jhumke, Pyaar De Pangey, Khanjar 2, Badami Rang, Aadatan and many more. Talking about the upcoming silver screen and OTT platform launch, Richa said, “Well, I have worked in the South industry a long time ago. Sivaranjani was my first Telugu film. And now I am preparing for Main Stream Cinema and OTT platform. . Digital world ie OTT platform is the future where original content and new talent converges which also takes care of commercial aspect. I will soon be sharing the details of my upcoming project just waiting for the right time.”

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