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After Sunak, the “Indian” prime minister, was of Iraqi origin as the head of the Conservative Party in Great Britain

Britain has been living since yesterday in the shadow of a rare and strange situation that it did not know in its history. The summary is that important and delicate positions within it are now held by people of foreign origin. The mayor of the most important cities, namely the capital, London, is of Pakistani origin, his name is Sadiq Khan, while his prime minister is of Indian origin, Rishi Sunak. As for the head of his ruling party, the Conservative Party, he is of Iraqi Kurdish origin, was born in the name of Nazim al-Zahawi 55 years ago in Baghdad, and was appointed by the new prime minister to the position yesterday, Tuesday. .

Al-Zahawi rushed to his Twitter platform and commented on his appointment with a tweet in to whom he said: “It is a great honor to be the leader of the party I joined when I was young, and it meant a lot to me. I look forward to supporting Rishi Sunak through this role and in government, as we face the challenges. future”According to the expression of those who held the position of Minister of Education in the government of Theresa May in 2018, as well as briefly as Treasury Secretary in the government of Boris Johnson, after which he was responsible for the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine inside.

The function of the party leader deals with its administrative activities, as well as its headquarters. As for the party leader, Rishi Sunak, he assumes his political role, as read by Al-Arabiya.net on media British, according to which the position allows Zahawi, who is difficult to find a photo of him with his wife and three children, to continue working “behind the scenes” with the government, without occupying a particular ministry.

Al-Zahawi has been married since 2004 to a person who is one year older than him and appears to be of Iraqi descent like him, and is Lana Fawzi Jamil Saeb, director of the real estate company Zahawi & Zahawi Ltd, and listed on the market with worth over $ 120 million, according to i media British, some of whom mention that an immigrant in exile and his family who left Iraq “to escape Saddam Hussein’s regime” when he was 9, all settled in East Sussex County in southern England, but received his high school education at King’s College in England. capital, and then chemical engineering at University College, University of London.

Then, in 2000, he founded an agency called YouGov and a colleague from the specialized party in opinion polls and internet market research, of which he was CEO until he was chosen as a conservative candidate in Parliament, after winning its membership in 2010, which transformed Abu Ahmed, who loves horse riding like his wife, in A politician is always included in the list of missionaries to participate in any government formed by the party that last July 9 was appointed leader and prime minister, but the two positions were luck and share of the resigned Liz Terrace.


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