After the accumulation of thousands of corpses.. the maintenance and rehabilitation of the Khartoum morgues begins

The Sudanese Ministry of Health has announced the start of rehabilitation and maintenance works on a series of morgues in Khartoum state, due to the accumulation of thousands of dead bodies since the end of 2019.

And he said, in a statement to the press on Thursday evening that the Forensic Authority and Advisory Council had begun “the rehabilitation and maintenance of morgues in Ambada, Bashaer and Omdurman in Khartoum state, after the morgues had reached a state of deterioration , due to the accumulation of corpses in large numbers until the smells stank and the rats ate them, which portends an environmental and health catastrophe”.

Provision of refrigerators for the storage of corpses

He further added that the rehabilitation process did not include the transfer, dissection or burial of the corpses.

He also explained that the rehabilitation of the morgues included the provision of a set of refrigerators for the storage of corpses, the preparation of the dissecting rooms, the organization of the placement of the corpses and their insertion in dead bags, as well as designing them to store them without decomposing or being eaten by rodents.

newborn corpses

Rehabilitation included sorting and wrapping the bodies of newborns, as well as setting up shops, cleaning exterior corridors, maintaining air conditioners, overhauling lighting, and opening sewers.

Interestingly, the Ministry of Health recommended in October 2022 that all morgues in Khartoum be closed due to the accumulation of dead bodies.

In context, i media locals indicate that Khartoum’s morgues are no more in able to preserve more than 3,000 bodies that have accumulated since the end of 2019.

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