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After the coalition withdraws . threaten die Taliban to continue their military operations

With the entry into force of the U.S. Forces and other foreign forces from Afghanistan, which is today, Saturday, in Force kicks in, threatened die Taliban, die To continue military operations after die The deadline for leaving the coalition had expired on May 1st.

And the Ministry of Defense “Pentagon” is preparing for possible attacks by the Taliban. The Taliban, die had stopped attacks on Americans under an agreement concluded in February 2020 between the Taliban and the administration of former President Donald Trump, have returned and threatened that die United States will violate the agreement if die Deadline for die Completeness is not respected withdrawal.

The war goes on

And have two Al Qaeda activists there in an exclusive interview with CNN conducted by intermediaries, in Considered that the war against die United States will continue on all other fronts until it claims to be deported.

From their conversation it emerged that die Organization plans to return to Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US forces by re-entering into a partnership with the Taliban.

Although the reason for these statements is unknown, al-Qaeda rarely provides information and is content with its self-promotion.

The White House had previously announced on Thursday that elements of the American army’s special forces would be temporary in Afghanistan will be stationed, stressing that die American forces had begun to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Handover of military bases

And General Scott Miller, who was at war against die Taliban die US and NATO forces in Afghanistan leads, announced last Sunday the beginning of the withdrawal of foreign forces and die Handover of military bases and equipment to the Afghan armed forces.

Miller said he was betting die President Joe Biden’s decision to end the longest American war based on the fact that this long war is no longer a US priority.

Joe Biden announced earlier this month that he would withdraw troops from Afghanistan before September 11th, which coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, die caused the start of the war in Afghanistan.

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