After the disastrous mistake, Wolfsburg were excluded from the German Cup

The German Football Association excluded Wolfsburg from the German Cup, despite having reached the second round, due to a “catastrophic” technical error by their coach by making more substitutions than allowed by the regulations.

And the match ended with Wolfsburg’s victory over fourth division Bruisen Munster 3-1 after an extension on the eighth of this month, when new Wolfsburg manager Mark van Bommel gave him a sixth. change in extra time, while the laws allow only five.

The Monster squad filed a protest to the German Football Association after realizing the mistake made by the Wolfsburg manager, and prior to this protest, the team name will be included in the draw scheduled for the 29th of this month.

Wolfsburg can appeal the decision and the director of the club Tim Schumacher said: “We were disappointed with the decision and would have preferred a better result. We disagree with the decision and will consider using legal procedures.”

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