After the failure of the negotiations … Ethiopia is challenged: die second filling with their deadline

After the failure of the Kinshasa negotiations on the Renaissance Dam and the ambiguity of the expected scenarios, the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry declared on Tuesday evening that Addis Ababa could not agree to an agreement on the Renaissance Dam, die Ethiopia is depriving of its legitimate rights to take advantage of the waters of the Nile.

In addition, Ethiopia announced in issued a statement indicating its intention to proceed with the second replenishment of the Renaissance Dam next July, accusing Egypt and Sudan of die Having undermined negotiations.

She stated that she was at the invitation of the President of the African Union die Resumption of tripartite talks on the Renaissance Dam in expected the third week of April.

She affirmed die Addis Ababa position in support of a tripartite negotiation process on the Renaissance Dam under the auspices of the African Union, the die Protects the interests of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan.

The negotiation failed

For their part, Egypt and Sudan announced that die last round of negotiations with Ethiopia on the Renaissance dam, die on April 4th and 5th in Kinshasa took place without progress having ended.

Delegations from the three countries had each other in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in hoping to break the deadlock in negotiations on the project, which Ethiopia claims for die economic development and die Power generation is important.

Egypt fears the dam will affect its Nile water supply, while Sudan worries about die Makes safety of the dam and the flow of water through its dams and water stations.

Before the meetings began, Egypt stated it was die last opportunity, die Resuming negotiations before Ethiopia filled the dam for a second year
Each time after the start of the monsoon rain in this summer.

Violation of international law

Sudanese Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi told reporters today Tuesday that Ethiopia insisted on such unilateral steps
It is a violation of international law.

In this regard, said the Sudanese Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources in a statement: “This intransigent intransigence in Ethiopia requires Sudan to have all possible options to protect its security and its citizens in Consider how this is guaranteed by international law. “

For its part, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry stated in a statement: “This position shows again the lack of political will in Ethiopia, in to negotiate in good faith. “

Joint exercises

Sudan, too in is involved in a border dispute with Ethiopia, was host to Egypt in an air force exercise, die was completed on Saturday.

Last week, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said: “The damage to Egyptian water is and will be a red line die Affect the stability of the entire region. “

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