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After the first meeting, Macron: We will work with Meloni with dialogue and ambition

French President Emmanuel Macron promised Sunday to work with the new Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, with “dialogue and ambition”, just minutes after their first meeting in Rome.

Prior to this tweet, the French president thanked the former Italian prime minister, Mario Draghi, too via Twitter, posting a photo of him with the former director of the European Central Bank.

Meloni, leader of Italy’s far-right, was sworn in as prime minister on Saturday, pledging to work closely with her international partners despite the divergent views of her coalition allies.

“Ready to work with NATO”

In response to a congratulatory message from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Meloni tweeted: “I am ready to work with NATO, this is more than just a military alliance: it is a bastion of shared values ​​that we will not stop defending.”

The French president is the first foreign official to meet the Italian prime minister after his Sunday inauguration.

reassurance message

While Georgia Meloni, the first woman to become prime minister in her country, tried to reassure Rome’s European partners, talking about her association with NATO and her determination to support Ukraine.

The appointment of former president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani as deputy premier and minister of foreign affairs, and Giancarlo Giorgetti as minister of the economy, representative of the moderate wing of the League, is a reassuring signal for Brussels.

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