After the heavy loss .. the resignation of the head of the Conservative Party in Great Britain

After a series of “very poor results”, including the defeat of the party candidates in two by-elections on Thursday, British Conservative Party leader Oliver Dowden announced his resignation.

Dowden wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, today, Friday, that these defeats “are the latest in a string of poor results for the party,” adding, “We can’t continue as if nothing had happened and someone has to take responsibility for that.”

Two heavy defeats

Johnson and his Conservative party suffered two crushing defeats in the by-election, in particular in a constituency in southwestern England.

Conservatives lost in Huntington and Tiverton, an electoral district in southwest England, as well as in Wakefield (north), results that will add to the pressure on Johnson.

“you are crazy?”

But Johnson, 58, had confirmed in earlier than he refused to resign, too in bankruptcy case, telling reporters who accompanied him in Rwanda, where he is attending the Commonwealth Summit, “Are you crazy?”

He also added at the time: “In general, ruling parties do not win by elections, especially in the middle of their government”, underlining that “he is optimistic”.

levels record of inflation

But the situation does not seem favorable to Boris’s government, with inflation at the highest levels of the last forty years – over 9 percent – sparking further social action, while a controversial attempt to deport migrants. in Rwanda recently went bankrupt.

It all comes months after the string of “Carrie Gate” party scandals involving Johnson’s alleged repeated attempts to land a paid job for his wife, Carrie.

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