After the migrant crisis, Poland builds a wall on the border with Belarus

The Polish government has begun building a $ 394 million high wall on the eastern border with the aim of preventing Belarus-paid migrants from illegally crossing into European Union territory.

The pressure provoked by the influx of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa into the wooded border area between Poland and Lithuania with Belarus in summer clashes with Polish border guards. Poland closed the border with Belarus using barbed wire and increased the number of guards after these events.

The European Union has accused the president of Belarus of using migrants to destabilize the 27-member bloc in response to Western sanctions imposed on Minsk after the elections described internationally and the government’s repression of dissent.

The 5.5 meter high metal wall in Poland will extend over 180 kilometers along the border area with Belarus, which also includes the Buk River as a border. Completion is scheduled for June at a cost of 1.6 billion zlotys ($ 394 million).

Critics of the wall and environmental advocates argue that it is expected to fail to stop migrants and damage one of Europe’s last virgin forests, the Bialowieza Forest.

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