After the negotiations…the return of the body of an Israeli held by the Palestinians in Jenin

After negotiations that avoided “violent” clashes, the Israeli army announced on Thursday morning that it was returning the body of an Israeli to his family after it was held by Palestinian fighters in the Jenin camp.

The family of Tiran Ferro, a 17-year-old Druze boy, said gunmen abducted him from a hospital in Jenin after he was seriously injured in a traffic accident in city.

And the Israeli military announced early on Thursday, in a statement that “thanks to the efforts of the security forces and in coordination with the Palestinian authorities, the body of an Israeli who died on Tuesday in a traffic accident in Jenin was transferred to his family in Israel.”

Through the Palestinian Authority or an armed operation

For his part, a military official told the foreign press during a news conference: “From our point of view, there were two ways to recover the body: either through the Palestinian Authority, or with an armed operation.” in city, in the field, which is likely to be very, very violent.”

The official explained that the Palestinian Authority, led by Mahmoud Abbas, has been conducting intense negotiations in recent hours to convince the fighters to return the body in order to avoid violent clashes and the consequences for the economy of this sector of the West Bank.

Following the detention of the young Israeli’s body, the army closed the crossings between Israel and the Jenin Strip, but returned Thursday morning and announced the opening.

“We didn’t offer anything.”

“We didn’t offer anything in exchange” of the return of the young Israeli’s body, the Israeli military officer said, adding, “At first they (Palestinian fighters) believed he was a soldier or a secret agent, or a soldier in vacation, and at some point they realized that wasn’t true, and that may have changed that.” “.

No party has yet claimed responsibility, but local sources told “Agence France Presse” that Palestinian fighters seized the body in the Jenin camp, where members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah are stationed.

Palestinian factions have previously kidnapped Israelis, dead or alive, to exchange them for Palestinian prisoners and recover the bodies of Palestinian activists killed in clashes with Israeli forces.

Was he kidnapped alive?

The Israeli military has announced in a first phase that the body of Tiran Ferro was “taken” after announcing the death of the young man in a hospital in Jenin, but the boy’s family has denied this version, pointing out that fighters stormed the hospital to kidnap him alive.

His father, Hossam Ferro, told Israeli radio ‘Ynet’ that his son “was still alive, I saw him breathing, (the armed men) separated him from the equipment to kidnap him.”

Tensions have risen in recent months in the north of the occupied West Bank, in particularly in the areas of Nablus and Jenin, which are strongholds of Palestinian armed factions, as Israeli forces have stepped up their raids following bloody attacks on Israelis in March and April.

United Nations figures indicate that more than 125 Palestinians have been killed, the highest death toll in West Bank in seven years.

On Wednesday, two Palestinians were killed in clashes with the Israeli army in Nablus. An Israeli-Canadian boy was killed in two bombings targeting two bus stations in Jerusalem, and no one has claimed responsibility.

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