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After the progress in the east .. Putin named Kiev

With Russian forces making progress in eastern Ukraine, it appears the Russian president will now turn his attention to the capital, Kiev.

Sources close to the Kremlin reported that the president wants to achieve “victory” in Ukraine by next fall, according to The Independent.

After the progress in the east .. Goal Kiev

He added that despite Russia’s failure to take Kiev since the start of the military operation months ago, the Kremlin has not ignored the issue, but is now considering a second attack.

These plans came simultaneously with the advance of Russian forces into the entire Donbass region, which once again revived the Putin administration’s hopes of achieving “complete victory” in Ukraine before the end of the year, mainly because Kahn’s expectations indicated that Moscow could win a war of attrition against Kiev and its allies.

Withdrawal and return

Interestingly, Ukrainian forces announced, on the 38th day of the Russian military operation on its territory, that they had regained control of the entire Kiev region after Moscow withdrew from major cities near the capital.

And Mikhailo Podolyak, Ukrainian president’s adviser at the time, pointed out that the rapid withdrawal of Russian forces from the areas around the capital Kiev and the city of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine is proof that Russia is prioritizing a different tactic. , which is what in it actually happened by turning his attention to other places in the country.

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The Russian advance east followed a Ukrainian counterattack that drove the Russians back from Kharkiv this month. But Moscow prevented Ukrainian forces from attacking the back rows of Russian supply lines at Donbas.

Last March, Moscow announced the start of the second phase of its military operation, which began on February 24 in Ukrainian territory, to control the Donbass and open a land corridor connecting the eastern regions of Crimea, which it annexed to its territory in 2014.

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